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Dive Equipment

Dive equipment has become very popular and affordable in the past fifty years allowing the average Joe to pursue underwater exploration as a pastime. The gear has gotten progressively smaller and easier to use allowing a diver to stay under the surface for longer amounts of time in a fairly safe environment. Though it is still dangerous underwater, there are a number of safety features that can prevent accidents.

Dive equipment most often includes scuba gear which was popularized by Jacques Cousteau, himself an accomplished diver and underwater filmmaker. One or two dive cylinders filled with air could be attached to the back of the diver allowing them to breather through a regulator. With fins and a wetsuit diving could be practiced in a much larger environment.

With the development of re-breathers dive equipment has allowed divers to explore more underwater areas with increased ease and safety. The difference between a regular scuba set-up and a re-breather is noticeable when the diver exhales. Scuba regulators deposit the exhaled air into the water leaving a trail of bubbles and wasting some breathable air on each exhale. A re-breather captures that exhale, filters the CO2 and allows the diver to dive for longer times with the same amount of air.