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Dive Tank

The dive tank, more commonly called a dive cylinder by avid divers, contains the divers breathing air and allows them to explore underwater locales for long periods of time. The tank is typically made of strong metal such as steel or aluminum, though many companies also make composite tanks made of carbon fiber and other lightweight but very strong materials.

A dive tank is filled with air and the top is connected with the diver's regulator. The regulator connects the cylinder to the diver's mouth allowing them to breathe deeply and exhale at any point. There is usually a dive computer that is connected in line that shows the diver how much air they have left. From this the diver can calculate approximately how much time they can remain underwater.

There are many sizes that a dive tank comes in and are used for different lengths of the underwater trip. A large tank is heavy and bulky but allows for longer underwater times, many long dives require two large cylinders. Most divers will bring an extra smaller tank with them in case of an emergency. It is always important to have a backup supply of air because a diver cannot immediately surface without dealing with painful pressurization problems upon surfacing.